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leather weltingBarbour Corporation today is a worldwide group of companies that are involved in the manufacture, sales and distribution of products for various commercial and industrial applications. Our headquarters are located in Brockton, Massachusetts, about twenty-five miles south of Boston, Massachusetts. Barbour Corporation is a privately owned family business.

The Barbour Corporation Companies

Barbour Welting Company

A manufacturer of welting for high-end footwear, located in Brockton, Massachusetts, and Barbour Welting U.K., Ltd., located in Northampton, England.

Barbour Plastics, Inc.
A manufacturer of thermoplastic profile extrusions for a multitude of OEM applications, located in Brockton Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia. 

Manufacturing Facilities
Brockton, Massachusetts
Atlanta, Georgia

Warehouse Locations
Brockton, Massachusetts 
Atlanta, Georgia 
Northampton, England 
The origin of the Barbour Corporation dates way back to 1892 with the manufacture of various shoe components. During the early part of the twentieth century the focus of the business became our famous shoe welting. Barbour Welting Company was an innovator in its field, patenting many inventions that helped the U.S. shoe industry grow to a position of world dominance in the last century. Most of the American soldiers who fought in both World Wars I and II went to battle in combat boots with soles that were sewn to their uppers with Barbour Welting. We also contributed to the war effort by manufacturing woolen fabric products such as blankets.

Like all old companies, the activities of the business changed and evolved over the years. In the 1960's we began manufacturing and merchandising quality vegetable-tanned leather for men's belts and cases, and other leather accessories. This business was sold in 1998.

In 1971, we entered the plastics business to satisfy a growing demand for a lower cost alternative to leather welting. In the early eighties, we saw other opportunities in the field of plastics, which led to diversifications into other market segments. Barbour Plastics, Inc. currently has the most extensive line of extruded moldings, trims, and structural components for the boat-building industry. Other diversification projects followed, leading to what is today a well diversified manufacturing corporation with locations worldwide, serving a multitude of OEM applications.


Barbour Welting

1991 - WL Johnson
1997 - L Farber

Barbour Plastics

1999 - Newell Plastics
2004 - Atlantic Extrusions

leather welting

leather welting

leather welting

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