Barbour Plastic Goes Big!

Barbour Plastic Goes Big!


Large Rigid Vinyl Extrusions with Varying Wall Thicknesses


Typically, plastic extrusion parts are requested to be uniform in wall thickness to balance the melt flow through the extrusion process.  Most thermoplastic materials like to flow to the path of least resistance through the extrusion die. This can complicate the die design and die balancing process which can significantly limit the product designer in designing the ideal part for the intended application.  Barbour Plastics has overcome this technical challenge as shown by these examples of large rigid extrusions with varying wall thickness thicknesses.


Notice how thick some of the PVC sections are compared to some of the other geometry. We have produced some extrusions that are over 3” thick.  With our large extrusion machines, and our plastic extrusion expertise, we can bring your ideal design to life! Please call us at 800-955-4078 or email us

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