Barbour Corporation

Brockton, MA

For 125 years, Barbour Corporation has provided the highest quality products to all of its various customers. Whether your needs are in the shoe, boat, refrigeration, environmental, or furniture businesses, our products are sure to exceed expectations.


Custom Extrusions

Barbour’s custom plastic profile extrusions are produced for numerous OEM applications.


Marine Extrusions

Barbour’s the world’s largest manufacturer of extrusions for OEM boat builders.


Barbour Welting

Barbour specializes in Goodyear welting for shoe manufacturers worldwide.

About Barbour Corporation

Barbour Corporation is parent to two subsidiary companies—Barbour Welting Company and Barbour Plastics. Barbour Welting Company is a manufacturer of leather and plastic shoe welting, a component of shoes used by manufacturers of high-end footwear worldwide. Barbour Plastics is a manufacturer of plastic profile extrusions, which are used as components by OEM manufacturers. We custom manufacture these extrusions in a host of different resin formulations and shapes according to the specific needs of our customers.

Our headquarters are in Brockton, Massachusetts which also houses manufacturing facilities for Barbour Welting Co and Barbour Plastics. In addition, Barbour Plastics has manufacturing facilities in Atlanta, Georgia.

Barbour Corporation is a private, family owned, company.